"Resurrection" lyrics - JOHNNY RIVERS


One day a man woke up to the rising sun
He said that I see you
Cast your breath, it's filled with fire
And light that's from my soul
Holds me in stillness
And on the road we walk
Seems to take a long long time
My clothes are tattered and I'm lost
My mind is scattered far behind
Young man sees through eyes of jewels
And with all his thoughts
Beating inside him
Contacting all the ones he meets
Who can barely see
But he can't live without them, yeah
With magic life and starry moon
With starry eyes the river moves
Beating into meter everyone
Beating into life the god of suns
Pot of gold will tell no lies
Which we share with friends
What do you give to others?
Just realize we're not alone
There are lovers and friends
All to be discovered