"Nothing Left" lyrics - JOHNNY WINTER

"Nothing Left"

Woke up inside myself this morning, uncertainty all around
Got straight and turned on to some happiness, then I lay back down, all there was around
Nothing left but ashes, and the smell

Went down to the corner drug store, the pain was more than I could bare
They told me that I was illegal, I told them I don't care, let them stand and stare
Nothin' left but old bones, and the smell

I know I can't go on, I just can't stand the pain, can't stand the pain,
I know I just can't stand..., guess I'll go insane, go insane

Guess I was born to be mistreated, contentment seems too hard to find
Searchin' for some understandin', then I lost my mind, left it far behind
Nothing left but memories, and the smell