"When I Look At You" lyrics - JUDY GARLAND

"When I Look At You"

I was just lonely melisande,
Pity, pity me.
Came a little wizard,
Waved his wand,
Dreamed you up for me
Now I feel a tingle
Each time I glimpse
Your face go dreaming by;
Proving the heart is quicker than the eye

When I look at you,
I hear lovly music,
Can it be my heart that sings?
When I look at you,
I look at an angel,
Tell me where you've parked your wings
Dizzy me, silly moon
Crazy quilt of a sky
Are you real, or a dream
That got caught in my eye?
When I look at you,
I im looking at rainbows.
Stars come tumbling down from above,
And I'm in love with you my love.