"When It Rains Down Here" lyrics - JUSTIN VERNON

"When It Rains Down Here"

The hills speaking softly to brag
The rain is so quiet it's sad
In liberty it rains so loud we can't hear
It's so hard to see outside when it rains down here

The arches hold together St. Louis
And the mighty Mississippi splits right through us
Before my arches rebuild, they must have a song
But I can't proceed until the rain is gone

Blue grey background on those moss green pines
Heavy grown raindrops clinging to the electrical lines
Floating in an atmosphere of truth and hidden lies
Sometimes out here, I feel like my heroes can save my life

Through the window of this rickety rail car
And I see the world scene by scene
The silver mountains and blue streams
I will only ever smell the train steam

We hear Louis Armstrong play his horn on the shortwave radio
His sound breaks my heart with a stone in my throat
Like a sword through a heart, leaking tears onto the ground
So hard to see when it rains down here

Alone, is where I've been needing to be
So I, just been sailing the seas
The wind can blow me wherever it needs to take me
The skipper taunts the sky
Thunder and waves crashing into the side
It will never break him, it will never save him