"Porno (Interlude)" lyrics - KANYE WEST

"Porno (Interlude)"

Yo, we made this joint, we was like, "We gotta get Preemo to scratch on this shit, seriously." Cause, that's one of my idols, just a legend in the game, a living legend. And then, plus, he, he like porn a lot, so I relate to him with that, you know. And he been to the AVN's, you know. I been to the Grammy's, he been to the AVN's, you know. I'm, and, actu- I'm envious of him, 'cause Rick Rubin, he actually asked me to go to the AVN's, and I was like, "Man, I can't do it. I just made 'Jesus Walks'. They gon' see me, and they gon' take away my NAACP award." So I was, uh, you know, I have to watch pornos in the privacy of my own home, you know? I really want to go AVN's, but, you know, I can't do it, 'cause they'll take me off the cover of Jet, and then what? Now I won't make it on the cover of Essence. But one day, one day I'll be there. I'ma have one on of them BAPE hoodies zipped-up with the eyes cut out and some, some gloves with the fingers cut off so I could feel, too, so I could touch. You know they let celebrities touch. That's how it be whenever you go to the strip club, "No touching! Except for you, 'Ye, you can do whatever you want."