"A Praying Spirit" lyrics - KAREN CLARK SHEARD

"A Praying Spirit"
(E. Clark)

[Chorus: The Tri-City Singers]
Lord, give me a praying spirit
A praying spirit
Lord, help me to say yes
Yes, yes, Lord
Yes, yes, Lord

[Verse: Karen Clark Sheard]
A praying spirit throughout the day
Oh, a praying spirit in every, every, every way
Praying spirit, so that I might stay
Oh Lord, I want a praying spirit
Lest I pray, oh Lord


Please give me a praying spirit
Praying spirit
Yes all day...
Yes in the morning, yes in the noon day

[Vamp 1:]
Lord, when I pray
Give me what to say

[Vamp 2:]
Yes, yes
Yes, yes, Lord

I want to say yes, yes, yes, oh yes Lord
Oh yes, oh yes all day, oh yes all night
Oh, all my mind said yes, all my heart said yes
In the midnight, I wanna say yeah yeah yeah
All my will says yeah, all my mind say yeah
Yeah yeah yeah

[Vamp 3:]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yes, yes, Lord

Ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
Ah, ooh ooh

I owe you me, Lord
I owe you me, God
Mmmm, yeah yeah
When you don't know what you're saying
When you're moaning...

(Yes, yes, Lord)
Oh my mind says yes
(Yes, yes, Lord)
I say yes, Lord, even when I'm going through
I mean you all the way
I honor your sweet name
I say yes Lord
Oh you can depend on me
Oh you can call on me, Jesus
I won't let You down
Oh Lord, You didn't let me down
So I come to tell you
Say... yes, Lord