"I'll Be Right There" lyrics - KAREN CLARK SHEARD

"I'll Be Right There"
(Bob Johnson / Tim Kelley)

There's no other love no where in the world
Greater than My love for you
You belong to Me
I adore you so don't hesitate to call me

I know (I know sometimes you feel)
Alone, (you're not alone 'cause I'm)
Always, (I'm always by your side);
(Oh), I see you everyday...

I see you everyday
Sending My love your way
Watching your every move
Covering you with grace
All that I ask of you
Talk to Me everyday
The bond is stronger
When you know that I'll be right there

Look up to the stars
You see no ending
Infinity is waiting for you
I'll hold to My promise
Just keep Me in your heart
You'll feel safe in knowing I'm there



You're so precious to Me
Everyday I'll hold you so close to Me
I need you to have faith in Me
You can move mountains
Through My love for you