"Never Gonna Feel Like That Again" lyrics - KENNY CHESNEY

"Never Gonna Feel Like That Again"
(Bishop Phillip Coleman / Paul Overstreet)

Friday night butterflies
Like clockwork they'd arrive
A little chill and the October sky
Nervous till the kickoff game
4 quarters win or lose
Spent Saturdays black and blue
But it was what I love to do
And it was more than just a game

It was my life and it was fun
Another season of my life is done
Another race I'm glad I got to run
Another chapter of my life it's over
No I'm never going to feel like that again
Times Rushin by me like the wind
Never be as young as I was then
No I'm never going to feel like that again

Practice dancing in my garage
Two left feet and a white corsage
Daddy let me borrow the dodge
Said don't bring her home on empty
Swung by and picked up Cindy Lou
Took her to the prom for a dance or two
Then we drove down to the water blue and that's where she kissed me


I got a call one July day
Cindy Lou was in that way
Had a big decision to make
And I couldn't take it lightly
At first I thought of leaving town
But I couldn't let our families down
Now I'm out here throwing this ball around
With a boy that looks just likes me