"I Don't Belong" lyrics - KEVIN MAX

"I Don't Belong"

And so we broke up
And so you decided
It's you, it's always you
Even though we're friends
I felt uninvited
The fraternity of fools

And I'm drowning slowly (going down)
And I'm fading like ink that's a hundred years old

Chorus* I don't belong, say I'm wrong
Told you that you should have known me better
I dont' belong, this is my song, this is my song

You made me a prince
You made me a pauper
Then you turned around and closed the gate
Even though I messed up
There wasn't an offer, love
No mercy, no grace

And I see right through you (see right through you)
You wanna be just like me, don't you?


(Stupid things I've said and done)
Oh don't you walk away
(Battles that I've lost and won)
Shame, shame, shame on me
(What I used to think was wrong)
I'm for the underdog, I like the one that don't belong