"Inner Calm From Outer Storms" lyrics - KILLER BE KILLED

"Inner Calm From Outer Storms"

Are you made from the moonlight
To return to the sea
Stay awake for your whole life
Only curse is to sleep

Wired into the night sky
Course is fine to lead the way

Are you filled with the divine
That was locked in the street
Did you take a chance with your whole life
Do you only love to be free

Sun has shone
Shone exertion
Dissipate from the constant pass
Poles sway all the energies
Distant race without a path

The realm above
Collision of the universe
Cosmic lunacy
I'll take your soul/collect my fee
Trash hole from beyond
Every fear will burn
Beneath the burning sky
Embrace me one last time

Ashes of unholy serpent
A man again now I must be

Defiant warlord
Unleash your hate upon us
Cryptic vortex
Extinction rises and you're next

From beyond this mortal body
Inner calm from outer storm

Come in with a purpose
I could never sound the alarm
I would never run first
Look at what a coward you are
What a coward you are

Death threat emissary

All this fire for your war
So now I'll stay here killing
Not for anyone else
I only live for myself
Nobody else
I know you know how it felt

Black hole existence
Defy the system
Out of a body experience...now!