"Speak Lord" lyrics - KILLER MIKE

"Speak Lord"

Speak Lord
Speak to me

[Verse 1: Killer Mike]
My mama said, I'm hard-headed
And many men have lost their soul
Along the road that I'm headed
Somewhere we stopped talking, Lord
And I regret it
The devil's coming at me
And it's hard to side-step him
You said, "Raise up a child
In the way that it should go
When it's old, it will not depart"
But I'm selling hard
And my momma's broken-hearted, Lord
You know I call my grandmomma "Momma"
'Cause my momma's still smoking hard, Lord
Since you brought my grandfather home
I've felt so alone
Some days I find it
Impossible to carry on
And I think about him
How the pallbearers picked him up
And carried him out
And in my dreams I still hear
My grandmother's screams
Grant me peace, 'cause I can't sleep at night
Sometimes me and these demons fight all night
Dear Father, I'd bleed to have a kid
Who understands how bad it gets
That understands how mad I get
Mad enough to slit my own wrists
I'm mad enough to load the clip
Find a nigga speaking badly on me
Let it rip


[Verse 2: Killer Mike]
Dear Father, Speak to me
Walk with me, fight for me
Grant me peace and serenity
Shelter me from harm and injury
I know that I'm not worthy of your grace
But on that great and final day
Let me see your face
Make me Daniel in the Lion's Den
When I'm crushed to the Earth
Help me rise again
Redeem me of all my sins
All the lies, the deceit of women
Even the abortions
When I was bad off
And they wanted to bury me
You sent angels swooping down
With wings to carry me
You brought me through my darkness
Touched my heart when I was hardest
Washed away my sins
Loved me regardless
And regardless of what I gain as a D-boy
Working man, or artist
I'm nothing if I'm godless