"Miriam" lyrics - KING DIAMOND


Curtain of black were inside the room
Shutting out the light, the light that always hurt his eyes
There was nothing bright in the entire mansion, no..no
Except for the candlelight...the light...and the fire that burned real slow
Oh Miriam...why did you have to go and die?
Curtains of black were inside the room
Abigail was not alone, there was someone else in here too
Come closer my dear said the shadow in the wheelchair
Stand by the fireplace so I can better see your face
Oh Miriam...why did you have to go and die?
The shadow could not believe the likeness in her face
It looked as if Miriam had come back from the grave
I am Count De La Fey and you are
Abigail she whispered and she shivered to the bone
Can I.. he said Can I call you Miriam?
Miriam or Abigail is fine
You can even call me Lucy for it is just a name
He struggled out of the wheelchair
Since his fall many years ago
Now he could only walk by a cane, what a shame
Don't move, stay where you are and then he was right behind her
Touching her long black hair, he was breathing much harder now
Then he grabbed her head
In pain she screamed as he
Yanked out a lock of that beautiful hair, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear
He quickly struggled across the floor to another cabinet
Behind the glass doors it said: To My Beloved Dear
It was then he started to compare, and she saw the other hair
In his twisted mind she was back but why?
I must retire my dear in order to prepare
You should do the same, tomorrow an heir