"The Portrait" lyrics - KING DIAMOND

"The Portrait"

"My mother was obsessed by evil jealousy
She didn't want nobody to even look at molly
She kept me locked up in this attic 'till I died
Only 4 years old, my story left untold"
Oh molly...oh molly

"mother was struck by this infallible idea
If she could paint my portrait I would remain immortal
And I could hang downstairs above the fireplace
A little girl in lace, not a single trace of crime"

[Solo: Andy]

"each day and night she worked and autumn turned to spring
For every stroke she painted a little life was ended
At last I felt so weak I could not even speak
But in that fatal portrait my spirit came to lfe again"

Oh molly

[solo: Mike - theme: Mike]

"that night I made the portrait speak in evil tongue:
You're gonna go beyond too, may pain and death bestow you
She grabbed a book and spoke aloud an ancient rhyme
While she burned the portrait in the candle of fate"
Oh molly

"I've gotta se ma"