"Hollywood Trash" lyrics - KING KOBRA

"Hollywood Trash"

Walking blinded sideways looking for an alibi to rest my soul
There's a long legged lady on the stage she's looking blessed
If there's one thing that's on my mind
It's in those high-heeled sneekers
Well come on a little darlin'
Want you to bang away my blues
All my blues

Come a little closer and dance baby
Come get on up off your knees
Come cop a feel on my hard heart baby
And get and got what you need

Come on my little Siamese doll how could you be so cruel?
Yeah you
You itch & tease & tease 'till my bones be all beat & tattered
And shattered down
Don't tell me I know what's up and on your mind
And I can heal your aching
An My aching
Come on a little closer
For in touch is such a healing grace

Yeah I'm sure come and break it baby
And while you're down on your knees
Come ease the pain in my hard heart baby
I'll let you stay this time please
Please yeah

Whip the dog out
So we can roll & blow the money
I'll break your money maker
Maybe grab the stash
Paper roll paper roll
Slam it down on my hard heart baby
Hollywood trash dance & roll blow the money
Hollywood trash trash trash trash