I thought you'd be my happy ending
I never thought we'd end this way
Still I wanna tell you that I love you
'Cuz I do
What can I say? What can I say?
Thought we'd be growing up together
I know you did the best you can
When you do some growing up without me, then maybe
You will come to understand, you were ashamed to be a man

You really had me boy
For a moment I was guilty of believin' in this love
Oh boy

I really thought you were my angel
Come to carry me away

But I'm gonna carry on without you
And now you
Can take all the time you need
Don't you worry 'bout me


God bless everything about you
You can't be more than who you are
But this broken-hearted girl is ready and some day
You'll be the man I thought you'd be
But the woman won't be me

Oh boy [2x]