"Everglade" lyrics - L7

(Jennifer Finch)

Glade told her ma, "home scene's lame."
"I gotta go into town, blow some steam at the rock show."
Sneak through the back door and head for the pit
And then some drunk stupid bruiser started giving her shit!

Rednecks on parade
"Don't cross my line!" says Everglade

He was whipping through the pit,
Knocked her onto the stage,
She said, "Have your fun, but stop being so lame."

The guy was drunk stupid
He must have wieghed a ton
Said, "Get outta here girlie!
"I'm just trying to have some fun."

So you wanna have some fun?
Well, break out the big guns.
Rednecks on parade
"Don't cross my line." says Everglade
Yeah, Everglade
Yeah, Everglade

He kept it up
His fists started flying
They dodged each punch
As he kept trying

Tripped on his own feet and hit the floor
Glade got to pushin' and rolled him out of the door

So you wanna have some fun?
Then break out the big guns!
Rednecks on parade
"Don't cross my line," says Everglade
Says Everglade
Says Everglade
Yeah, Everglade