"Golden" lyrics - LADY ANTEBELLUM

(Dave Haywood / Charles Kelley / Eric Paslay / Hillary Scott)

The sunset falls in Wichita, yellow dances through the blue
Wheat fields catch a glimpse of heaven, makes me think of you
And even when you're miles away
You're always on my mind
Lord knows you're in my heart
Even when I close my eyes

You are golden
Precious as a prayer flying up through the air
While the rain is falling
Golden, timeless as a kiss
Baby I don't want to miss another perfect moment
To tell you, how you make me feel
The day you strolled in, my heart was stolen
'Cause you are golden

Smallest parts of who you are
Are everything to me
From the way you laugh to the way you cry
To the way you love on me
Shadows run and darkness fades
When you come around
My single star amongst the gray
Always shining down


Oh so hard to find
Yeah you are goodness, forgiveness
Of the purest kind
Oh yeah

From the day you strolled in, my heart was stolen
You'll be the hand I'm holding
When the heavens open
'Cause you are golden, yeah