"Love I've Found In You" lyrics - LADY ANTEBELLUM

"Love I've Found In You"
(Patrick Davis / Dave Haywood / Charles Kelley / Hillary Scott)

Well I bet my buddies are out on the town tonight
Dancing in this smoke, in the glow of the neon lights
I'm sure they're out there cutting up and drinking
But I don't mind 'cause I got you by my side
With my old sweat shirt and your favorite pair of jeans
Barefoot on the couch, Curled up next to me
Oh, I got everything I've ever needed
In you, I found it in you

Well maybe I'm just lucky
But maybe that's OK
Some people search the whole world over
Just to find a love, that's even half as true
As the love I've found in you
Uh uuu

Well I wonder where I'd be if the Lord hadn't heard my prayer
The one I said every night 'till the day that you got here
You showed me how to live and love forever
With you, oh baby I love you


Some things really last forever
And some things are meant to be
Like you and me
Ooh yeah

Let your love shine on
Shine on and on and on
Ooh, oh yeah


I've found in you
I've found in you