"Norman Fucking Rockwell (Album Trailer)" lyrics - LANA DEL REY

"Norman Fucking Rockwell (Album Trailer)"

[Spoken Intro]
In the beginning, there was the Sun, nothing but the Sun moving through the heavens. Covering the surfs of the Earth were seas, and the seas were turmoil. With civilization there came the surfer with his urge to conquer these moving walls of water.

["Doin' Time" Snippet]
Summertime,? and the livin's easy
Bradley's? on the microphone with Ras MG
All the people in the dance will agree
That we're well-qualified to represent the L.B.C
Me,? me and Louie, we gonna run to the party
And? dance to the rhythm, it gets harder

["Venice Bitch" Snippet]
Oh God, miss you on my lips
It's? me, your little Venice bitch
On the stoop with the neighborhood kids
Callin' out, bang bang, kiss kiss
You're in the yard, I light the fire
And? as the summer fades away
Nothing gold can stay

["Mariners Apartment Complex" Snippet]
You lose your way, just take my hand
You're lost at sea, then I'll command your boat to me again
Don't look too far, right where you are, that's where I am

["Norman Fucking Rockwell" Snippet]
Goddamn, man-child
You fucked me so good that I almost said ''I love you"
You're fun and you're wild
But you don't know the half of the shit that you put me through
Your poetry's bad and you blame the news
But I can't change that, and I can't change your mood

[Spoken Outro]
The greatest journey is the journey of the mind since this is what determines the journey of life. Have you ever had the feeling that your mind is on a journey? A voyage of discovery? That sometimes it has to make long passages on dark, uncharted seas? And at other times it discovers bright islands of beauty or of truth. Islands it will know from this day forward, that it can always steer for and find in the storm while the gales of life blow themselves out and the enormous seas of misfortune, or pain, or sour, or doubt subside in the calm. Well, if you'll come, I'd like to take you with me on such a voyage of the mind.