"Call Me Janis" lyrics - LARRY SANTOS

"Call Me Janis"

The sound of life came wailing from your soul
And reached out to the jaded crowd below
But you needed more than the screaming adoration
You cried out for love with every wild gyration

Electrifiying, mystifying show
Turn on a world that doesn't care to know
Well you shout out about each withering escapade
But all alone you drink from slender silver blades

One to love, one to show the world you can
You're torn between needing woman, wanting man
Well, it really doesn't matter, but you can't get free
From all you are and all you'll ever be

So give your life back to the sea
To the only place you can be really free
Gal or guy, catch my eye, love me, love me, feel my kiss
We'll get high, come on fly, touch me, call me, Janis