"I'll Come Back To You" lyrics - LARRY SANTOS

"I'll Come Back To You"

I'll come back to you
If I never have to leave again
I'll want you to stay
If love never has to go away

I'm standing here again ready for love
I need you more than all the hurt was
My mind's made up
To give what we had one more try
But I couldn't stand it
If once more we had to say goodbye

[Chorus 2x]

The road we took before led us to pain
We looked for sunshine
But we found the rain
But now we know the way to find the love that's true
And we won't go astray
'Cause you have me and I have you


I'll come back to you anytime you want me to
I want you to stay
Every moment of every day
I'll come back to you
Anytime you want me to
Yeah, I'll come back to stay every moment of every day