"Emotional Haircut" lyrics - LCD SOUNDSYSTEM

"Emotional Haircut"
(Al Doyle / Pat Mahoney / James Murphy / Gavin Russom)

I caught your eye when I stepped outside with my
Emotional haircut
It seems that I've been misunderstood

The look of grave concern in your eyes and your surprise at my
Emotional haircut
It's better to me, it's much better than it used to be

'Cause, now I got eyes going every which way
I got eyes all over the place
And I got tired of the hotel room and the TV

You wish that you'd been told about whatever has led to this
Emotional haircut
It ain't a disease, it's just hard to do whatever you please

And treat yourself tonight to a little love life

Now, we all get ideas and then shut, shut 'em down and then
Emotional haircut
No, I ain't Dionysian, man

Oh no buddy, no need to be concerned with this
Emotional haircut
It's part of the game, yeah man, it's just part of the fee

So let's raise a glass to the bodies in here
Oh, raise a glass to the bodies in here
We're gonna toast till the bodies all soak up the bass

Man, you're in love with the bodies in here and your
Emotional haircut
Oh, just get on the street, fuck the shuffle, put your shit on repeat

You got numbers on your phone of the dead that you can't delete
And you got life-affirming moments in your past that you can't repeat
Yeah, you got numbers on your phone of your dead that you cannot delete
And you're losing all your skin on the pillow when you just can't sleep
No, you can't calm down

Out of your windows and onto the streets
Out of your windows
Out of it
Out to it

Do you know what it does?
It puts me off my feed
Hey, hey
It puts me on the floor

Well, can you hear the heartbeat?
A-can you hear the heartbeat?
Just listen to the heartbeat
Can you hear the heartbeat?

Come on, listen to it now
Listen to it now
Listen to it now
Listen to it now

Listen to it now
Listen to it now
Listen to it now
Listen man: it's calming down