"Red Cross Store Blues" lyrics - LEAD BELLY

"Red Cross Store Blues"

I told her no!
Baby you know I don't wanna go
Justine I ain't goin'
Down to no Red Cross store

She come down Justine, tell me I wanna talk with you in just a little while
Ain't you goin' down and fight for your wife and child?

She come down here and she shook my hand
She said Daddy I want you to go down there and fight for me like a man

She said the Red Cross people they treat you mighty fine
They mixing everything up with whiskey and wine

She come down here talkin' to me about the war
I told her baby I ain't done nothing to go there for

She come down here and she fell down on her knees
I said baby I have to look somewhere for your butter and cheese

She said Daddy I just come down here to tell you so
You better go running down to that Red Cross store