"Down In Dixieland" lyrics - LEON RUSSELL

"Down In Dixieland"

Come on down to the river
Take me by the hand
We'll go down to Louisiana
Then you'll understand

When you hear that music
You think it's heaven's band
Whoa, no
Down in Dixieland

Let me buy you a fan
When the day is done
Stand here together, oh
Watching the setting sun

Catch me so depleted
Feeling like we can't
Whoa, all together
Just down in Dixieland

Touch me in the night
Make everything alright
Make my heart feel like a drum
And I'll know my time has come

Tell me all your stories and
Kiss me with your eyes
Make me feel a shouting
Take me and reel your eyes

We can't live forever
But now we understand
Whoa, oh
Down in Dixieland

You get me, oh, completely
Feeling like we can
Whoa, yeah
That's down in Dixieland

Down, down, down in Dixie
Down, down, down in Dixie
Down, down, down in Dixie

But we're down
Down, down in Dixie