"Elusive" lyrics - LIANNE LA HAVAS

(Scott Matthews)

He's a gambler spinnin' wheels
Poison victim, look of steel
Coldest heart you've ever felt
The coldest hands you've ever held
Taken down on his way
A million miles, still no headway
Has his love truly blown?
In his mind I'm proud to roam

He's elusive and I'm awake
Defiantly real, there's nothing fake
A mystery now to me and you
Open my eyes and I'm next to you
He said, "My destiny lies in the hands that set me free"

A reckless night he hears me breathe
Cursing the skies of this company
You've lost the wisdom deep inside
His bitterness shows it's side
If it's true I'll doom
What more is there to hold on to?
A strand of hair is all I own
If to me this sorry's whole