"Come Up" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Come Up"
feat. Soop

[Verse 1: Lil Yatchy]
She said "I can't fuck with him, he way too picky"
I just spilled a pint of lean on all my Dickies
I got 30 bitches in the Appalachians
Mountain, as the time ticks, they acting weirder
Check my tag, the numbers count on all my sweaters
Boy, that's Margiela
Nigga you know you ain't counting cheddar
Ask your baby girl who fuck her better
Bitch it's 20-15, it's Trick Daddy
Whippin' niggas like the slave master
20 karats in my left wrist, I'm a youth pastor
Sliding down your city real slow
Braids out with the red 'fro
With the platinum teeth, nigga good grief
When a nigga smile all you see is bling
Chef Master when I start up beef
Got these niggas hating 'cause I mm, damn
Niggas hating 'cause I'm flexing harder
Quick to run it up like Tiki Barber
Chopper make a nigga think smarter
Chopper make a nigga second guess
Is this nigga here really my nigga, or am I just trying hard to impress?
Hmm, now he thinking
Diamonds sparkle got these niggas blinking
Chardo-Sunday nights, momma drinking
Demon soul inside a holy heaven

[Verse 2: Soop]
I'm in this ditch like a camper
Creeping, late night in I'm a vamper
Don't let my young boys attack you
I'm with that shit like a pamper
They say that they trick but I'm Damper
When I'm in that bed it ain't Tamper
These niggas be creeping like cancer
She jump on my pole like a lancer
I'm red-on-red look like I'm Prancer
Dib and dabbing in the London cabbie, boy that yappa-chopper started thunder clapping
Nigga rah-rah like a dungeon dragon
And a cra-cra if you think you capping
But my 'migos stamping me a newer package
I'ma ship it over to an Egypt palace
Sippin' lean out a golden chalice
While he looking like a fucking salad
You could see the karats in the band of children
I'm across the water looking like a pilgrim
Money, money, what an open feeling
Y'all been watching looking like a thriller
Always street-whippin' looking like I'm Tigger
Boy that new thing looking like Shakira
And she give thanks like we in November