"Up Next 3" lyrics - LIL YACHTY

"Up Next 3"
feat. G Herbo

[Intro: Lil Yachty]
Ayy, Chris Fresh, Lil Boat, Chris Fresh, Lil Boat
Yeah, and I'm tired of all you pussy ass niggas hatin' on Boat 'cause y'all see that nigga shinin', y'all see that nigga stuntin', y'all see that nigga up next, nigga
Fuck y'all niggas, uh

[Verse 1: Lil Yachty]
Bitch, I'm the realest you've ever seen
And my new bitch, she a model from Africa
Any fine bitch with an ass, boy I'm after ya
22 diamonds, they shine like a brand new dime that you flip for a bet
Pussy nigga got behind the wheel and tried to race with Boat, well that's a cruise for a wreck
Stay with the Tec, gotta check on my neck
I need eight for a show
Brother locked up for the blow
Fuck you pussies, bitch, I skipped bein' rookie
What you want a cookie 'cause you got connect?
Nigga play hooky when they see it's Boat time
Ice on my wrist got you thinkin' it's cold time
Dunk on that bitch make you lean on your shoulder
Tripled my views now you thinkin' it's over
Skirt-skirt that Rover I spent a whole six up in Dover
Margiela my collar, I look like my father
Why'd u even bother? I'm richer I'm better
26 shit, I dropped it on my sweater
Just 'cause it's real leather, Versace my feathers
King sized set with the pillows
Dick in her pussy, she call me her hero
Dick in her mouth like a motherfuckin' churro
Knot so fat like a fuckin' burrito
Shout out taketa her pussy much sweeter
I lick it then stick it
Then kick it right on to my brother
Never fuck none of these hoes without rubbers
Bitch I'm so fly I can float on a cover
Now I see why you mad, 'cause I made it over night
And your bitch love Boat, now I see you wanna fight
And I just cannot help it because she think that I'm right
And she don't like you 'cause your music not excitin'

[Interlude: G Herbo]
808 Mafia
Ayy, Lil Boat, QC, what up?
150 DT, gang-gang, gang-gang, gang-gang, aye

[Verse 2: G Herbo]
Bitch it's G Herbo, swervin' so much
Watch them start callin' me Swervo
In the M6 two door drop with the turbo
Engine from Russia, my Balmains for Bergdorf
My lil' ho from Merlow
Killas like Marlo
Come to your block, shoot it up with no sorrows
Still ride with Glocks and them chops over lanos
Let off them shells have you duckin' your taco and come back tomorrow
Maison Like Capo, Rollie a Bimmer, my bracelet a Tahoe
Riding an i8s in a race through Chicago
Remember I used to rock Echo and Pac on that Balmain where I go
Blunts full of posto
Remember I used to get free bands like Rocko
Got a white bitch snortin' lines, they El Chapo
Loadin' up.30's and countin' up guapo get top in my auto
Oops, I mean mobile, on the way home to my house in Herbo Hills
Remember them nights I was servin' with no deals
Lil' bro on Ess, know he lurkin', he gon' kill, rollin' off four pills
My life is so trill, I made a name off my block like I'm O'Neal
Get face to face with them cops and I don't squeal
Snitch did a bid but he would've did more years
Niggas a ho still
Wake up, get more bills
Rich with my squad in Chiraq like I'm Bo Deal
While in Miami we ridin' on four wheels
Block 100 deep, got the opps hidin' for years
Pop out, go trill
Glock color oatmeal
Know what I mean, bitch it's brown, it ain't no steel
Ridin', we lurkin', you better keep your steel
You gotta be ready to use it in broad day
You know little bro will

[Outro: G Herbo]
Ayy, G Herbo 150 dream team, bitch, shout out Coach
Lil Boat, what up?