"I Don't Remember" lyrics - LINDA EDER

"I Don't Remember"

I don't remember
How much I needed to be near you
And I can't close my eyes and hear you
No, no I simply don't recall
Our love at all
I don't remember
The way you filled my world with laughter
Or how I changed forever after
As I look back it's sad to see
My memory
Is failing me

I don't see your face
Almost every place
I don't cry
I don't think of you
And I don't wonder why
'cause day after day
After day after day
I don't recall
When you went away
I don't remember
A thousand little things about you
Like how I just can't live without you
No, no I simply can't recall...
Why lovers fall...
In love at all

I don't remember
Try as I might
I don't remember
Each lonely night
I don't remember us at all