"On Fire Tonight" lyrics - LITTLE BIG TOWN

"On Fire Tonight"
(Karen Fairchild / Luke Laird / Kimberly Schlapman / Phillip Sweet / Jimi Westbrook)

Something's in the air, blowing through the trees
Got a fever in my bones, and something's calling me
Calling all my friends, got a yearning to be free
Turn this town upside down, watch and see

Bet we're going to be on fire tonight
Bet we're going to get a little outta line
Bet we're going to have a damn good time
Bet it's going to roll on and on
Bet we're going to sing all night long
Bet we're going to drink until it's gone
Going to burn it down and shine a light
Bet we're going to be on fire tonight

I don't mean no harm, so don't misunderstand
If you want to let your troubles go, go on and take my hand
There's an history-making party baking baby you're in luck
If you want to come, I'm pretty sure we'll tear it up

[Chorus 2x]

Yeah we're going to be on fire tonight