"Shut Up Train" lyrics - LITTLE BIG TOWN

"Shut Up Train"
(Luke Laird / Hillary Lindsey / Chris Tompkins)

Shut up train I'm trying to sleep
Can't you show me a little sympathy
This is the only time I can get any peace
So shut up train I'm trying to sleep

Every time the front door shakes
Every time I hear the breaks
And that long whistle crying through the night
I'm reminded of the way I feel
Just like that cold black steel
Getting crushed by your wheels tonight
I don't need no more pain so shut up train

I hope you're happy now I am wide awake
Now I got to deal with every ounce of this heartache
While your moving on I'm stuck in this place
It's all your fault so shut up train


Shut up train stop rubbing it in
You've made your point
I gave up you win
You win

You're all the noise all the pain every night same ole thing
(You're all)
Why don't you shut up train go on shut up train
(You're all)
I give up I give in raise a flag let you in
(You're all)
Why don't you shut up train go on and shut up train
(You're all)
Oh shut up train
(You're all)

Shut up train