"Somewhere Far Away" lyrics - LITTLE BIG TOWN

"Somewhere Far Away"
(Helen Darling / Mark Selby)

I'm too tired to get a job
Going to thumb out of Abilene
It's time to take a chance on
Someplace I've never ever seen
Because I've got nothing to lose

Too much to see it all
There's miles in front of me
Street signs, never mind
I'm going to do just what I please
Because I've got nothing to prove

Whispers on the window
Gone without a trace
By the time you look for me
Well I'll be someplace far away

Don't know if I'll stop
I've never been to New Orleans
I'm just a rolling rock yeah
Going to make a break, break it clean
Don't want nothing but the truth


Solitary, all alone
To the quick and to the bone
On the edge and unafraid
What's behind begins to fade


Too tired to get a job
Thumb out of Abilene