"Native American" lyrics - LITTLE STEVEN

"Native American"

Ho Ka Hey Wah Nah
Ho Ka Hey Wah Nah Woh
Ho Ka Hey Wah Nah
Ho Ka Hey Wah Nah Woh
[War Cry of the Lakota Sioux - "Let's Go - Now"]

Life was forever when we were young
The land was protected for everyone
Forever as long as the rivers run
But now the water no longer comes

And now all that remains
Is darkness and poisoned earth
And now before it's too late
We must provide our own new birth

I am Native American

The question of honor you must decide
The soul of the nation has been denied
Our dreams have been stolen before our eyes
How do you say there's no tomorrow to a child?

From us there is much to learn
There is so much you've forgotten
You can't change me
Try and understand
I am proud of who I am

I am Native American

We must try and remember what we're here for
You will suffer the darkness alone no more
You will have the strength of all of us gathered here today
That is something they can never take away

I am Native American