"Angelina" lyrics - LIZZY MCALPINE


Where did you go, Angelina?
Why did you take my foolish heart? Oh
I should've known, Angelina
I was never right for that part
I could've sworn, Angelina
We would get hitched and you'd be a bitch about
Getting us there on time
And I'd thank the lord for Angelina
Oh, so I guess the wedding I'll never be getting
Will live in the back of my mind

I never loved you more than when you said goodbye
'Cause maybe I knew that love wasn't honest if you had to lie
I never loved you more than when you walked away
'Cause maybe I knew, Angelina, you'd never stay

[Trumpet solo]

Are you coming home, Angelina?
I think I'm done trying to hold on to you, mmm
I think you should know, Angelina
That I'd probably fall again if you wanted me to
And she said "I love you," so I said it back
But I wished she was you, mmm