"Bite" lyrics - LIZZY MCALPINE


It's unforgivable
I am lately [?]
I feel like I'm goin crazy
I felt invincible
When you saved me
I thought maybe
We could be more than a phase
We weren't together very long
Maybe that's what went wrong
I have fallen too fast
And you got caught in the act
Why did you have to go and lie to me
Could've just confronted me
Didn't have to let me go that fast

I know you know
That I know that I was just a rebound
Not anything real
I shouldn't be waiting (waiting)
Or pacing (or pacing)
Or thinking that you've changed
For real

And I know that you're still in love with her
Even after all of the things that she did
You just can't help it
You ditched me
And acted like you didn't even care
I don't know how we got here
But my fear that [?]
I live my life in [?]
Apparently you wanted back in my life [?]
I'm turning all the tables now
You don't think I'm able to forget you
But honey I might
You think I'm innocent
Just a little child
But baby
I fight