"Daisy" lyrics - LIZZY MCALPINE


Oooh (Bum bum)
Oooh (Bum bum)

Once there was a girl
Who captivated the world
She drew them in with her voice like money
That girl she had it all
Could make the fairest fall
She drew me in with her lips as gold as honey

If she knew
I longed to touch her silken skin each night
And if she knew
I did this all for her
If she knew
I need her by my side to breathe alright
And if she knew

Daisy, Daisy, please don't go
Daisy, Daisy, keep me
Oh, let me heal you
Let me break you
And we'll do it again
I just crave you
Let me save you
From the man who is your hand
I don't wanna be alone
So tell me where did I go wrong
Help me see the green light in front of me

Ba dum bum