"Nothing / Sad N Stuff" lyrics - LIZZY MCALPINE

"Nothing / Sad N Stuff"

I don't wanna leave
So tell me why I'm going
I don't wanna leave
But I'm gone
I don't wanna leave
But I'm already running
And if you ask what's wrong

Oh, I'm so sorry
I am a fool
I'm so sorry
For what I'm about to do

Here's your shirt I stole
Take back what you gave me to hold
I can wear my own coat when it's cold
I don't need yours, mmm
'Cause I don't think I can do this anymore

I'm not sorry
That I loved you 'til I couldn't breathe
It was lovely
But I know that it's not what I need
It was good, but it's time for me to leave

[Part 2: Sad N Stuff]

Something doesn't feel right
Maybe it's the time
Something doesn't feel like it used to
And nothing really rhymes
Maybe it's the changing of the seasons
Or maybe it's a sign
Hmmm, hmmm

Something doesn't sit well
Maybe it's the food
Something doesn't fit
Well, I think I always knew
That it could be the way I don't speak Spanish
Or it could be you
Hmmm, hmmm

He feels good to come home to
But not to stay
I'm afraid
That he feels good to hold on to
But it feels good to say
That I'd be okay
Without you, I'd feel the same

I'm alone, I'm alone, I'm alone all at once
And I don't know, I don't know how to get back what was
Is it something in the wind or the rain that makes me sad and stuff?
Or is it just you?

He feels good to come home to
But not to stay