"Dying To Live Again" lyrics - LORDS OF BLACK

"Dying To Live Again"

They keep feeding us with illusions
While we walk alone in the dark
You keep runnin' towards the gallows
The blind still leading the blinds
They kill the lights, darken the sun
And turn all was good into bad
A seed of rebellion is born
It's coming to life
Can we dream again, and
Dare to be anything
Fear will never reign
As long as we rise again
Can we dream one day
We are against the grain
Scream and tell the world
We're dying to live again
There's more to life than we have known
We've always been in the wrong side
You find no one you can look up to
When you're losing your feet on the ground
You kneel as you crawl to the scaffold
And the killer, becomes the law
They've gone past the point of redemption
I hear when they cry