"Pregnant Again" lyrics - LORETTA LYNN

"Pregnant Again"

The car payment's late and the mortgage is due
And three of the children are down with the flu
And this week the eggs cost us One Dollar Nine
And dinner was bread with white gravy and I'm

Pregnant again what will we do
Pregnant again it just can't be true
The doctor just smiled and said young lady you
Pregnant again (pregnant again)

We've run out of milk and the baby need's more
I can't get the gas to get down to the store
With two almost grown and there's one on my knee
Oh honey it's just not a good time to be

Pregnant again what do you know
Pregnant again and it's starting to show
When daddy comes home I'll just tell him hello
I'm Pregnant oh gee again

The crib in the attic all covered with grime
And I used all the diapers for dust cloths last time
If I were still thirty I just might not mind
The thought of another pink little behind

My husband works hard two jobs on the side
He doesn't have much but he sure got his pride
He's loving and loyal and he brings home each dime
But what will he say when I tell him that I'm

Pregnant again where will we do
Pregnant again it just can't be so
But I never could count when the lights were down low
And I'm Pregnant again (pregnant again)

There goes the new washer we needed so bad
There goes the vacation that we never had
There goes the new TV I thought we'd enjoy
Oh honey who cares I hope it's a boy