"Kiss It All Goodbye" lyrics - LP

"Kiss It All Goodbye"
(LP / Barb Morrison / Charles Neiland)

You think you're special
You always have
You're finding out hard core what its all about and now
You're not so sure

Blinders off
Glasses on
The camera's off
We're moving on to where
We're not so all alone

All the questions that you're throwing out
We're running out of time
Tossing figures with no amount
It isn't yours and it's not mine

I am winning
You are losing
We are winning all alone
But we're not so all alone
We're moving on to where we're not
So all alone
We're moving on
We're moving on

Kiss it all goodbye
We're going down
When did it get so hard
We're underground I always thought we'd fly

Guess I was wrong