"Candy Drip (Interlude)" lyrics - LUCKY DAYE

"Candy Drip (Interlude)"
(David Brown / Dernst Emile II)

Yeah, you give me reason to eat your reasons
Candy-coated caramel brown
Pretty and sweet like pralines
Makin' my taste dream
And makin' my dreams taste
Givin' your dreams taste
Yeah, that's right, right there
I hate to be candy corn, but when you snicker about my good humor, you make my stars burst
We could skip right over the sour patch right to the tootsie roll center
That whatchamacallit
Yeah, I know you know what I'm talkin' about
Takes me from zero to Mars
Straight through your milky ways, for that Kit Kat
Yeah, break me off a piece of that
Hershey misses where I put my kisses
She want 'em now and later
I let you come down on my jolly rancher, yeah
Now that's a pay day