"The Run Down" lyrics - LUPE FIASCO

"The Run Down"

[Girl Talking]
Just give them a lil' run down man
I mean it's a lot it's a lot people
Who hear a lot of stuff in the streets about you
Give them a little run down

[Intro: Lupe Fiasco]
Uh F&F Up..(Oh)
Yeah (Uh)
I'm in rare form man
Yeah..Madison born man
Yeah...Uh huh Gemini Up
Yeah...Uh huh Shayla G Up
Yeah...Uh huh Pro Up
Yeah...Uh huh Chilly Mac

[Verse: Lupe Fiasco]
Career crookin' (Yeah catch him)
Watch me Watts, come here Brooklyn
Follow me Houston, see what I'm 'bout
Really South Philly Bank Head keep looking
Uh...You feel me I'm a product of pushing
That was red off whooping pull switches off trees
Pull of the leaves like she loves me...not
It's hot I couldn't tie a shoe
Move slow like Tai-Chi
Down the block, come kick it with me like Kung Fu
Where I hung like noose, they call me young bruce
I cop Jordans pull chickens with these
Please was not odd to work at pa-pa
Though I came with a biscuit
Just tryin' a make a mill
I brang in the bidness
Flow like chuch, pulpitted with ease
Pivot and pull from the lines like threes
Gain a better understanding
I'm just tryin' a make it real
Like a fisherman, pon da river fam
I'm pon my bank, deposit my thoughts
Till my mind draws a blank
And I withdraw from checking
I'll leave that with y'all for a second
Give you a minute to let it sink
Didn't I advise baptize?
For them dead presidents, I'll tie a bomb to your brakes
And burn money faster than you learn you ain't even conserve money
Gave you a second now I return hungry
Period young blood, I return monthly
To bogart like humphrey
Stern, gully, seldom, stumble
Welcome to the jungle like Fern Gully
Man it's gorillas here
Takes a village to raise a villain here
And you might have to raise his bail
Tryin' a free the whole cartel
I need to raise a million here