"Fallin'" lyrics - MACKLEMORE


I swear I've been here before, there's a war in my heart
Inside my chest is a thorn, it's been torn from the start
The picture painted is warped, the hearts aching and scarred
Music's the band-aid I'm too afraid to take this shit off
Another drink at the bar, but I'm not drunk enough
Each shot burns less but the chest isn't numbin' up
A voice keeps talkin' in my head and I'ma fuck him up
Fill the gun with lead and bust until the pump shuts him up
Emos and rockers and rockers and emos
Another shot of some vodka to get myself up off of my ego
There's a door to my conscience, I can't unlock it or see the peephole
This angel held my baggage and then vanished like where did she go
I was beside her but I was walking by myself though
Break the silence with my cell phone it doesn't help though
I can't believe this is happening, sinking into depression
I've been here before and now I'm back again

I keep fallin, I keep fallin, I keep fallin, down the rain
Keeps pourin, keeps pourin, I don't know if I can get up today
Keep fallin, I keep fallin, fallin, down the rain
Keeps pourin, keeps pourin, I don't know if I can get up today

6 am hung over leaving my booty call watch the sunrise
Head over I-5 headed North but there's no sign of sunshine
Empty brandy bottles spilled on the forgotten memories
Know I gotta let her go I'm just to selfish to set it free
Life forced release, two hours later I just got up and bounced
If she could only see me now head lost swallowed and drowned
The path is up but I followed it down
A man gone and hollowed out because you opened it up
You can't start over now
What's to keep going for?
Validated by drunken whores
Bloody knuckles so numb and sore from punching these rusty doors
Freeway signs underpasses man stranded dusty mattress
This world is bipolar, beautiful for some for others the fuckin' saddest
So sick of lugging baggage
All I got is drugs and alcohol and these cuts of passion
Brain serenade razorblade, punk madness
Pain is love plug the drain but the rain keeps crashing like