"Flossin'" lyrics - MACKLEMORE


Intellectually organic herbal organism musicians tied at the mind combined energies circu...
Lating the rhythm cyclist? kennelist? manuscripts flipped with lyrical spheres
Grasping the axis of forever back
To the umbilicoda origin
When there was more to men, heart and soul
The cre...ation of civilization is my goal stroll
Down the avenue searching for something new
Didn't know that I possessed the power to create one of the chosen few
It could be you
Just start asking yourself why you exist
And eventually there will emerge a passion
This is the moment so grasp it for what it's worth
The musical current life line
I ride the, wave and surf
On a temper frequency unfolding mysteries
Obvious dominant prominent spectacles of personal agility
That I might lack physically, but spiritually remain intact
Incense caresses the air as the moment is captured on tracks

Chorus (second time 3rd line Whoever said that conscious rhymers can't be flossin'?)

Hey wassup yall?
Let's get this party hoppin
Get off that wall and have fun fool we steady rockin
Don't take life so serious, get that neck knockin'?
Everybody get up grab their collar and pop it

To the 4:4 count I speak my, life in rhythm
Intricate intellect emerge inside of yo your stereo system
You listen as the speakers bumpin'
Thump with sound, from the heart hear it to yo ears and in time
I have found, my soul mate in words and nouns, profound in context
Delivering my passion, speaking on the complex
When the simple minded symphonies smile and sedate you
I speak on subjects that we can all relate to
Remaining faithful, following my faith and belief
That we are all one tree, branched off on separate leaves
I, reach in speech, to seek and preach my life
Teach to each who feel the beat technique of sight
You think that currency will enhance your life
But until you gain knowledge of self, money will overshadow the lie
And that ain't tight, at all
Ego's what clouds your vision
Your center mechanism who knows what to the day how fresh you will fall

Chorus 2[3x]rd line Whoever said that conscious rhymers can't be flossin'?

Stay true to the truth and aware of the fiction
Love life for what it is, appreciate music and listen with open ears
Open eyes, see through the disguise
Congruent with the divine
Meditation will take you high
Internal instinct can sync with social
Independent art, do your part, show support to locals
Use your trifocal, of your, third eye optical
Discuss meta of the universe, and philosophical
I know dependency seems impossible to break
But I know that from reading that mistake's a clear mind state
Will elevate your being higher than any drug
Using moderation respect your breath and show love to the
Spirit above, and develop, a greater understanding of this life force
You call your own and embellish
The moment in search for your objective
I'm not preaching, just speaking on my life from my perspective

[Chorus 3x]