"St. Ides" lyrics - MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS

"St. Ides"

I think happiness went thataway
Sometimes you just have to wait
I never believed in God
But things got so fucked up that I had to pray
Used to steal my daddy's cabernet
Never thought that it would turn into a rattlesnake
Thinkin' everything'll be all right
If we could get through the week, maybe see another Saturday
Rollin' round with nowhere to go
Argue with the homies over who's gonna roll
Bumpin' Goodie Mob, have some food for the soul
'Til it's two in the morn' when the rain hits the windshield
And everything is still
Nothin' really is a big deal
One hand on the steerin' wheel
And we gon' be all right

I had a brown paper bag
St. Ides in that motherfucker
Around the city, we smash
5-0 comin', then you know I'm runnin'
Crawl under broken fences
When shit gets hard, you know who your friend is
And when I lose perspective
Need to go to a place where I lose reception
Lookin' at the satellites pass by
Reflectin' on my past life
I can barely remember last night
Another mornin', swearin' it's the last time
Where would I be?
You can't start over, you don't get a new ID
I know the devil fancy me
But that don't mean the motherfucker get to dance with me

I bought a house, second-guessin' what I own now (What?)
Traffic movin' kinda slow now (What?)
I watch the population grow, wow (What?)
A bunch of people I don't know now (What?)
My city's changed, am I zoned out?
I thought about New York, maybe SoCal
Put up condos people can't afford now
Landmarks bulldozed, been tore down
Overpopulated but can seem like a ghost town
Keep a couple real ones with me when it goes down
Lack of diversity, I think about Sloane now
Only reason I would ever leave my hometown
If I still drink, I would crack a forty-ounce
Parents finally left, moved away, and they sold the house
It's really hard to ignore it now, wish that we could sort it out
Last couple sips, pour it out
St. Ides