"Upside Down" lyrics - MAGAZINE

"Upside Down"

I think of the distance
Between you and me
Which doesn't explain
Why the strangest places
Still call my name
I don't know how to live
I only know how to disappear
And I don't want to travel
And I don't want to stay here

They speak of destiny and fate
And powers that move unseen
And I get these pictures
Of how my life might have been
I hear home is where the heart is
But I never get to learn
Where my heart is

Upside down
Upside down
I'm always turning things
Upside down

The timing was right
But it was still a surprise
To find my heart had followed my eyes
I was lust another man
With his eyes on you
And a need for agony
That he had to subdue

Upside down...
In your eyes