"I Was A Lid"

I was a lid on a house we barely speak of
Folded again I could see myself inside
And I was amazed how a god could know my first name
And you amazed at the difference in my speech 2, 3, 4

So what of your words did I know you would deceive me
And what better in for a calmness in my side
So I made a way from a? godspeed
And what a debate do you still know my full name

And I was the one that decided to light you on fire
And you were a tree with a root that was wrapped in my brain
So build me a sign make me know that you speak of a body
Oh do do you plead do do you plead do do you plead please

I had a thought I did your house up faking causes
And I needn't a word I am the saddest version yet
So what is the price I pay to be this wrong?
I was the man that claimed to see but now I'm not

I am afraid of the good and bad beneath me
So give me a sign for the angels on my feet
I was a man yeah I swear I was a man
So keep me alive for the angels in my feet

'Cause I am a way for a man to rid his skin clean
So send me a sign for the ones who need my seed (seat)

And I had a dream I killed our families
And you were the one I hoped you blame
And I felt a baby in your stomach
I knew who he was but he had no name