"It's Amazing" lyrics - MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA

"It's Amazing"

I notice you when you're noticing me
Breaking the habit, you're watching me sleep
Give me some time, let me learn how to speak
I'm a maze to you

I never mind about bothering you
I'm trying to decide if I'll bother with you
So, feed me your wisdom and breathe me your truth
I'm amazing

Wish me a wonder and wish me to sleep
You don't have to wander to hear when I speak
There is nothing I've got when I die that I keep
It's amazing

Somebody said it's unspeakable love
Somebody said it's unspeakable love
But you don't believe I can speak well at all
You're a maze to me

First of a thousand to write on the wall
It's only beginning, it's swallowing us
Somebody said it's unspeakable love
It's amazing