"Obstacle" lyrics - MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA


Waiting on my obstacle
Am I the last to bother?
Hip bruised blue, your pre-sin tomb
Grasping for the bottom

Daddy's at the hospital
The gator finally got him
Face to face he tricks himself
"It's better now than autumn"

Car key, blondie, dog tag from the pound
No one wants you like me, stick around
It's so profound

Waiting on your obstacle
Wondering how you got her
Boy you best not throw it out
The breath before the bottle

Deep seed, bloody, dogma from the ground
No one loves you like me, hear that sound
It's all around

In the light, you arrive, as the curtain closes
Intertwined and attached to his soul
There were not any sermons to speak
There was goodbye and hello

Where did you end when it was beginning?
Finalized, an immaculate ghost
There was only a moment to see
There was laughter in the cold

I don't want to lose control
Fall like that again
I don't want to lose my mark
Burn it in my head

Daddy's at the hospital
The music finally got him
Face to face he tells himself
"It's better than without 'em" [4x]