"She Found A Love" lyrics - MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA

"She Found A Love"

Well, she found a love
And he found a victim
He thought it was strange
She knew it was meant to be
She wore white
And he wore the black suite
She gave him no lies
She gave her innocence
From day one it seemed
She'd wake up from the day dream
But irony bleeds
Seeing as he was a nightmare
She'd give him the world
He only had to ask her
But controlling yourself
Is easier when you're sober

I know this hard - just have faith in the Lord
But the lord hasn't been seen around here in years

Well, she found a love
And he found a life line
Her eyes were jet black
She figured the right time
To leave was approaching
And soon she'd be leaving
The tracks would remind her
Of wishes for dead leaves
To roll on and on;
Yeah she'd have to be clever
She tried once before
It ended in bloodshed
She knows she must run
But has to run faster
Yeah, she was a princess
And he was a bastard

[Chorus 2x]


[Chorus 2x]