"High Dive" lyrics - MARIA MCKEE

"High Dive"

Blowing my trumpet
Believin' in something
Courageous and crazy
Nothing could phase me
Till I hit the pavement

And now it's back to school
Ready to play the fool
'Cause I took a high dive into an empty pool

Wearin' the dunce cap
Stuck in the corner
Heckled and pecked at
All of the pack said "we tried to warn her"

What will I tell my friends?
When I run into them
I took a high dive into the shallow end

Everything planned out
None of it panned out
I could have mauled it straight to the top
If I kept my fangs out

What'll I tell my friends
I'll get up and try again
And I'll take a high dive
Someday I'll never land